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Birth Doula

Colleen was born in Minnesota and spent the first 36 years of her life there. Some of her earliest memories are of playing with her dolls and wanting to be a wife and mother someday. She met her husband while attending college and has been married for 29 years. She has three adult children who she loves to spend time with. While being pregnant and giving birth she realized how much she wanted to learn about her options and have a positive birth experience and to help other women as well. She attended a number of births for family and friends but put her desire to become a doula on hold while she raised her family. In 2003 she moved to Arizona with her family and currently lives in Glendale.

In 2016 she was asked to attend a friend’s birth as her support person. This reignited her desire to pursue becoming a doula and she finished her training right before the birth of her friend’s baby. She has since become a certified birth doula and serves the Phoenix metro area.

Colleen has a nurturing care for women and loves helping them through education, options and birth preferences to have the birth experience that they desire. She provides support throughout pregnancy to provide information or answer questions. She will support her clients birth choices by being there during labor, delivery and postpartum with physical comfort measures, words of encouragement and emotional support. She realizes that this is one of the most important times in a women’s life and wants to help create memories that will be remembered in a positive way.