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Birth Trauma and Loss

November 2, 2020

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Introducing Emmy Howard

Emmy is a two-time VBAC birther, and a passionate VBAC . She is a local doula in Phoenix, AZ and specializes in evidence-based VBAC births which made her a natural fit for the VBAC Academy team. Emmy is the first VBAC Pro that will be trained AND certified by VBAC Academy, and she has been integral in the launch of VBAC Academy.

Her first pregnancy "was a dream" and she assumed that childbirth would be the same. She described herself as the "perfect patient", meaning she never questioned anything the doctor's or hospital told her, and like 1 in 3 women in America, this resulted in a c-section. This operative report from c-section references her weight as the reason she couldn't birth which was hurtful and felt wrong. Her body wasn't the problem - she'd always been athletic and strong physically, despite any pregnancy weight. It lit a fire in her heart to figure out how it all happened, with the intent of making her next birth a VBAC.

She spent almost a year researching, joining groups, attending therapy, and reading everything she could get her hands on about vaginal birth and c-sections. All that work paid off and she's gone on to have TWO successfull VBAC births, and most importantly - healed her birth trauma.

These days Emmy works as a Doula and Childbirth Educator in the Phoenix area, and has a serious passion for getting evidence-based birth information into the hands of birthing families. As a former stand up comedian, she brings a lightness and confidence to her birth work that makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. 

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