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Birth & Baby Services


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Low-Cost Birth Doula Services

Thank you for your interest in the BABS team supporting you during your pregnancy, labor & delivery.

We provide low-cost birth doula services to pregnant individuals who meet our eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Low-cost Birth Doula Services

Research completed by Evidence Based Birth shows that having a doula a part of your birth team can:

  • shorten length of labor by 25%
  • reduce use of pain medications by 35%
  • reduce the use of Pitocin by 40%
  • reduce the use of an epidural by 60%
  • reduces the chance of needing a cesarean by 51%


For these reasons, we offer low-cost birth doula services to pregnant individuals that genuinely want 

the support we offer, however finances may be preventing you from obtaining that support.

Our low-cost services are offered to those who's monthly income in $4,000 or less per month and our 

support compensation is 5% of your total income. (please read below)

Please Note:

  • We will verify ALL income, including your "partner/spouse" or father of the baby, even if you are not living together, but that person will be involved in and attending the birth.
  • If the "partner/spouse" or father of the baby is not involved in your life and will NOT be involved in or attending the birth, eligibility will be based solely upon your income.

Income Verification Includes (we will ask for copies)

2 months' paycheck stubs

Government income

Additional income

We are happy to accommodate payment plans

Are you Ready to Apply?

If you believe you meet our eligibility requirements for -low-cost birth doula services, please click below to complete our application for services.

Click Here to Apply for Low-cost Birth Doula Services