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Birth & Baby Services


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Our Story

Perhaps you wonder how BABS came about, well let me tell you!

My name is Sheri and I founded BABS in May of 2019, but first a little history. When I was 15-years old I was groomed and sex trafficked by my high school boyfriends' father. This was a very painful and traumatic time in my life. I experienced the worst of humanity and abuse at the hands of people I thought I could trust. But one thing I never lost during this time was hope.

Upon my rescue, I went through intensive therapy to learn how to live in the world and think for myself. One thing I discovered about myself is that I still found hope in all things and I knew I wanted to give hope to others, so I became a nurse. I worked in various areas of nursing, from medical to pediatrics, but my favorite was labor and delivery. I saw hope all around me when a baby was born, their life was full of possibilities.

When I relocated, I felt the need to step away from the hospital setting and explore other ways to care for and support others. I did this by working as a nanny, birth educator and newborn care specialist.

Yet I felt a pull in my heart that I had to speak up about my grooming and trafficking experience to hopefully prevent others from experiencing what I did. In 2017 I founded my nonprofit called You Can't Groom Me.

Since the founding I have spent many hours in the community and online sharing my story and educating others on how easy it is for a child to be groomed, especially now with social media, apps, and online games. Today I will speak with any person or group that wants to learn about grooming and trafficking.

During my time talking with the residents in group homes about grooming and trafficking, I noticed more and more pregnant individuals, alone, unsupported, emotionally detached and unprepared for labor and parenthood.

In May of 2017 I created my nonprofits community 'love’ project, called BABS which stands for Birth and Baby Services. I reached out to my local doula community and quickly had a team of volunteer doulas ready to share their experience, love, and compassion with those that would not be able to afford the luxury of a doula.

Our goal with BABS to provide pregnant individuals who need and want our support and qualify for our services, a full circle of team support. Every BABS client will have a team of 2 to 3 doulas, private birth prep classes tailored to their needs and specific topics about pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum and newborn care that they want to learn about. Our goal is to prepare them to not only physically birth their baby, but to also prepare them to emotionally birth their baby.

Every pregnant person deserves to have a birth journey that they can look back on and smile, and we do all we can to help make that happen.