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Birth & Baby Services


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Currently accepting applications for low-cost or no cost birth doula services 

with due dates of Feb. 2021 or later only. 

Click here to apply

Register for the Prebirth Emotional Trauma Certification Course

This course is designed for those who work with, support or care for pregnant individuals.

Learn the various forms of trauma that can impact a pregnant person’s emotional state before or 

during pregnancy & ways to support them through pregnancy, labor & delivery.

Fall 2020 pricing is $99


Emotional trauma can and does impact pregnancy, labor and delivery and can cause the birthing person to fear birth.

This fear can leave them feeling numb, disconnected, unable to trust others or their body.

This is an online, self-paced course that you can complete at times that work best for you. 

This comprehensive course includes 35 topics that can impact the emotional state of a pregnant person, 

includes lecture assignments, videos, techniques & skills to support the pregnant person and a final course assignment.

Upon successful completion of all course work, you will receive the Prebirth Emotional Trauma Certification

and 8 continuing education credits from the International Childbirth Education Association.