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Tonya - Birth Doula

Tonya relocated to sunny Arizona from the Midwest in 2009 after getting her B.S in Environmental Chemistry. In addition to working as a Labor Doula, she is currently a stay at home mom to her two beautiful children with the full support of her amazing husband Daniel.

Back in 2016 after many rounds of invasive fertility treatments, Tonya was able to conceive her daughter Aria. She was determined to learn everything she could about pregnancy and childbirth. As a research junkie, Tonya spent countless hours reading every evidence based article and book she could get her hands on in preparation. It was through that process, the call to birth work rang loud.

After over a year of trying and finally resorting to fertility treatments again, she got pregnant with Roman in 2018 and began her training to become a Labor Doula.

Tonya believes everyone should have both physical and emotional support during labor and have been provided all the tools necessary for the parents to make informed consent. It is with her passion of research she is also in the process of becoming a Childbirth Educator.

Whether you're planning a natural delivery, want an epidural, or will need a cecerean, Tonya will be by your side making sure you are as comfortable as possible and feeling empowered.

Giving birth, no matter how, is truly heroic.

Tonya and her little family live in North Phoenix. In her free time she enjoys reading, going on adventures, and a good Netflix Binge.