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Birth Doula

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With a big leap of faith and her bags packed, Vanessa moved from New York to Arizona eleven years ago. A lot has happened in her time in Arizona, from finding her husband of 8 years and now her precious daughter.

Her journey has cleared a path for her to find her true passion. After her daughter was born in 2017, she knew she wanted to be a part of something bigger. Every part of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the 4th trimester fascinated her. She wanted to dive into the birth world and learn everything she could to help herself and expecting friends and family.

Her passion was ignited and she hasn't looked back! She was committed to becoming a Birth Doula.

Vanessa believes that every birth is uniquely special. Her goal is to ensure each birth is met with joy beyond expectation. She offers evidence based information to empower her clients with making decision that are right for their family. In addition, she commits to continuous emotional and physical support throughout labor and delivery. With every birth, unmedicated, medicated or cesarean, her goal is to nurture and achieve a positive experience that her clients and birth partner(s) will joyfully remember for a lifetime.